What makes a smartbook so smart? Hint: Snapdragon chipset

 A smartbook is what you call a new generation device, may that be a netbook or a mobile device, but it is powered with stuff that makes it smarter than a smartphone, and lighter than a netbook with equal functionality. It is light and compact, and built to work and get things done, connect to the web, all on the go. The smartbooks are as powerful as a laptop, and the built-in 3G mobile broadband service within them makes the connectivity possible wherever you are, depending on the availability. Along with the 3G tech, the GPS functionality also helps you find directions, your location and in quite many other ways.


Now let’s see what makes these smartbooks smarter than the rivals –


You don’t need to waste time for the boot up or the email to download, thanks to the Instant-on access of the smartbooks.


3G connectivity – Ability to produce the mobile broadband speeds with the wireless carriers.


Built-in GPS – The navigation and location search made easier, and you can search for directions from where you are.


Long battery life – A 8-10 hours of charge while being used, and a week-long standby time.


Lightweight and thin – Less than 2lbs weight, and not more than 20mm thick.


Interface – Neither like a smartphone, nor like a laptop. The interface is made as to get things ready with one-touch access to most of the applications.


The Snapdragon platform and their chipset is the one, making the Smartbook get it’s name. The Snapdragon chipset optimizes the processing speed of the device and lessens the power consumption too. The platform is a system on a chip that has the ARM-based microprocessor core by Qualcomm, and apart from that, it has all the features that can provide the end user all the entertainment on-the-go. The advanced features of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset include the ARM-based CPUs that enhance the computing, and thus not limiting the performance to that you see in smartphones, and the integrated GPU core helping in the accelerated 2D and 3D graphics for rich multimedia, gaming and better user interface experience.


The snapdragon chipset is powerful enough to even support high-resolution cameras, which can record HD videos with enhanced audio features. The laptops are heavy, and although they are speed enough, the internal system of theirs pull down the battery usage to just 2-3 hours, making it hard for usage while you are traveling. Smartbooks are optimized to run for long hours, and they are not limited to just work but do solve the purpose of playing all kinds of media, playing games of high graphics quality, run documents and even make calls if the device has the SIM functionality. The Snapdragon processors have the optimized multimedia sub-system to dual-CPU chipsets which feature two cores that run individually at the rate of 1.2GHz to bring the best of the application performances.


Something to talk about the latest third-generation Dual-CPUs – These provide the faster response through the 1.2GHz speeds of dual-core CPUs, and they contain the 3G mobile broadband connectivity, and apart from that there is support for all the basic connectivity options. Support for 1080p video recording, and codecs for multiple video formats, support for upto 16GB megapixel camera quality. These chipsets support every kind of latest mobile operating system.


Lately, a few mobile phones have been getting the touch of the dual-core Snapdragon chipsets, but still Smartbooks are a level ahead. They are smarter in every aspect, and the pricing is another added advantage, where most of the brands kept it at possible low prices.