Week 12 – Bye Bye 1st Trimester!

Well my little peanut – you made it through the first trimester! I guess you’re gonna stick. I read somewhere on the net that my chances of loosing you have now dropped to 1 percent which is very exciting news. I think it’s higher if you have spotting during your pregnancy.


I hope I get to see what gender you are soon so I can start to refer to you as he or she. I used to think I wouldn’t find out the sex because I liked the idea of being surprised (also in case the ultrasound is wrong). But in a way, to me that’s the best of both worlds. I’ll get to know the baby’s sex AND I’ll be surprised on the birthday. After all we really don’t care which sex you are. The main reason that I decided to find our your gender is that I am already going to be surprised that I have created and given birth to a real live human on your birthday – I don’t need to be more surprised that day. I also like the idea of knowing your gender because at least I will know one thing about you – it’s more personal that way.


I don’t care what anyone says. I can already feel you getting jiggy in there! It’s a strange new feeling. Now munchkin, that thing sticking out of your tummy is not a bungee cord so I want you to be careful in there.


I know what indigestion and muscle cramps feel like – this ain’t either of those. It feels like very light touches / twitches on the inside of my uterus (which is in front of all those other organs anyway). I really think that the reason Docs say you won’t feel it until 18-22 weeks is so they don’t get calls from neurotic pregnant women who haven’t felt it earlier. Actually, they’re smart because I’d be one of them.


I got myself confused about this whole trimester thing. 40 divided by 3 is not 12, it’s 13.3. But my ever growing pile of pregnancy books say that the first trimester ends at 12 weeks. How silly of me to think pregnancy would be divided into 3 equal trimesters.


The progesterone induced insanity seems to be better today. I’m not saying I’m normal – not by a long shot. I’m just not as much of a rabid beast as I was last week. I still weep at paint commercials. Women would tell me how emotional pregnancy hormones made you, but I never understood the degree. To give you and example: I actually started crying because the pharmacist said my insurance didn’t have me on file and I had to pay full price for my prenatal vitamins ($30 instead of $5). I bitched out / argued with the pharmacist until he was a cowering dog, then cried all the way home. The whole time I was crying I was thinking, “this is so stupid – why am I crying about this?” So then I would start laughing at how stupid it was, and then for good measure I cried some more. I’m sure other motorists were dialing 911 on their cell phones at the sight of someone intermittently crying and laughing in the car next to them. I’ve never had a pms that made me this nuts. Cracks me up just to think about it. I can say this about myself, but I don’t recommend that anyone else try to suggest my rantings are being caused by hormones. No, that would be bad.

Pregnant young woman at gynaecologist having her baby examined with ultraound device.



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