There are many reasons why people choose to live in small spaces. Sometimes the cost of buying or renting a small city unit is much more affordable than buying or renting a large home. There are people who have downsized and like the fact that housework is at a minimum, and there are those who just believe that living in small spaces is really just all they need.

However, living in a small space means that consideration has to be taken as to the most effective way to furnish the area. Some studio units have a kitchenette within the main body of the unit, with the bathroom as a separate room. There are other studios that are slightly larger and have the kitchen as a separate room. Then there are the units that have an alcove bedroom off the main living area, whatever the configuration it pays to think wisely before buying furniture.


Tips for Small Space Living

  • One of the best investments that the homeowner can make would have to be in purchasing a pull up bed that sits within the framework of a bookcase. The bed is pulled down every night and when not in use is transferred back into it’s recess, this then makes for a more user friendly living area.
  • The use of half or fold out tables that fit snugly against the wall is also a good way to maximize the space and minimize the need for bulky furniture
  • The use of bifold doors eliminates the loss of space when a door is open
  • Painting the unit in neutral colors will open the area up and make it look larger
  • Then using the monochromatic color scheme choose furnishings that do not take over the room
  • Using mirrors on the walls is a well used decorating trick that will make the space appear to be larger than it is
  • Clear out the clutter; the space will look much bigger with fewer items about the place
  • Eliminate a desk top computer and replace it with its small cousin the lap top computer; it’s far more space friendly

Living in a small space can be an exciting adventure allowing for a certain amount of creativity to decorate the small space. However, once the feel of the new environment is achieved the benefits will be immense. The need for less furniture will definitely translate to fewer costs and then the cost of maintaining the furniture and appliances will be much less than for people who allegedly have everything. The old saying that small is beautiful is very apt where a well decorated small space is concerned.