I recently updated my anti-virus from ESET Nod32 antivirus to Kaspersky's Internet Security 2011 software. While I do not have the tools necessary to do an in-depth analysis of things such as virus detection and similar functions, I will do my best to write a comprehensive review of my experience with the Kaspersky AV for anyone who may be considering this anti-virus system. This includes a look at the features, as well as the ease of use of the Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 software.

First, I will try to outline my experience with the software's GUI, starting with installation. Kaspersky was very simple to install, and the process was very efficient and quick. Since I was upgrading to Kaspersky from my previous AV, Nod32, I had to fully uninstall my old anti-virus to ensure that the new anti-virus would function properly. While removing Nod32 was a simple matter, readers with other AV systems may have different experiences. After removing my old anti-virus, it was a simple matter of installing Kaspersky. I simply inserted the disk, which ran the installation process. All I had to do was to enter my serial number when prompted. I had no problems transitioning from my old anti-virus to Kaspersky, but others may have a different experience.

The GUI was simple to use. The interface is clearly labeled and makes all of the most common procedures simple to do. This includes scanning for viruses, updating the anti-virus signature database, and enabling or disabling various components of the anti-virus system. Other, more advanced features, such as the settings and adding exceptions to the anti-virus and/or firewall, are also simple to do without much or any prior knowledge or experience. Kaspersky 2011 also features useful tools, such as the system vulnerability scanner, which will search for and list any settings that can be a risk to your security, and provides a button that will fix the problem for you. It also describes what the fix will do, so that unintended changes can be avoided.

Overall, Kaspersky 2011 has been a more than capable anti-virus for me. While your situation may vary, I would recommend Kaspersky as one of the anti-virus systems you should consider if you are in the market for one.