HP Slate 500

For those of you who are looking for a perfect replacement to the laptops because of their size, you may find that the HP Slate 500 is the best choice for you. The tablet gets what it wants in terms of the Operating System used. HP Slate has been loaded with the tablet edition of Windows 7 Professional and the only software that is there in the tablet by default is the camera software and Evernote. This will ensure a trouble free of the tablet on a mediocre Intel Atom based motherboard. The HP Slate scores over the laptops in terms of its size which is 5.91 x 9.21 x 0.58 and is quite compact allowing it to be carried in a pocket.

HP Slate 500 Specifications


The very competitive nature of the HP Slate 500 is described in its specs which are as follows


8.9″inch LED Backlit WSVGA Screen


Capacitive Touch Screen with Pen digitizer


Original Windows 7 Professional


Extremely Light Weight. Starts at 0.68KG


Integrated Wi-Fi for network connectivity


Bluetooth 3.0 for local connectivity


Intel Chipset and Intel based Atom Processor for superior performance – Atom Z540 1.86 GHz CPU




64GB Solid State Hard disk


SD ( Secure Digital ) Slot for extra storage space


Integrated Cameras – Front Facing(VGA) and Back Facing(3MP)


Support for numerous accessories


HP Slate Look and Feel


 The HP Slate looks an kindergarten slate, but that has much more features that it. It is compact with its small size and light weight allowing it to be carried around easily. The back of the slate is quite superb with a finish resulting from a rubberized material with a repetitive pattern that makes it look Royal. The stunning thing about this slate is that it doesn’t have any fan for cooling, but still it does not get heated up. That is the beauty of the design of this HP Slate. As a typical electronic device, it gets warm on the back side while being charged or being used to the core like watching HD movies. The various ports in the slate are a USB port, a charger port, a full SD slot and a headphone and microphone jack. The various buttons on the side have various functionalities like volume rocker, screen on/off, Control + Alt + Delete for security purposes. Overall, the package is awesome. The Price of the HP Slate is $799.