My Top 5 Favorite Fashion Magazines.

Cosmopolitan- I love reading this monthly excerpt into what guys think and love. Sometimes they do get it wrong, but most of the time it is spot on. Cosmo does tend to have the same articles over and over again but with different titles but I tend not to care much. I love the columns that appear on a monthly basis like confessions, guys talking sex, bedside astrologer, and of course the quizzes.
• I like confessions because laughter is good for the soul and reading other people's often times hilarious high jinks have me busting out. And there is scientific research showing that laughter makes you look younger.
• Guys talking sex because hey if you're a heterosexual girl reading the mag than you would get a lot of useful tips on what to do and not do in between the sheets. And who the hell does not need advice about that from the source!
• Bedside Astrologer because I'm into that. If you're not your not, for me personally I chart my life according to the stars but that' doesn't mean I take whatever they say to heart.
• The quiz's waste time and are a lot of fun. There are some you can take with your man and others you can do by yourself. Either way, you might get a different perspective on things.
Self-What woman between the ages of 30 and up are not trying to lose any significant amount of weight or just wants to revamp her eating habits? That's why I love mag's like self and shape. But I think Self is a lot better personally because it's more…well…personalized. Or should I say it is not generalized like I think Shape is. The columns I most especially like?
• The nutrition section. Because no matter what your diet is or isn't, you can always find helpful tidbits here.
• The health section. They always have the latest update information about everything affecting us today from the HPV virus to the common cold.
• The happiness section. No matter what area in your life, you will always find something you can improve on to make you happier. Because no one person is always happy throughout their life. Someone always has one of the seven deadly sins they can improve upon and this section is here to help.
Glamour-For the young adults who are upwardly mobile in life, who need much more stimulation than Cosmopolitan can give them. They even have political articles for the young woman who is into the campaigns.
• How to do anything better guide. Whether it's tuning up a car or just playing up the best feature of your face. This section is here every month for us.
• Dos and Don't. I can't leave this out! It is always on the back inside cover, on the very last page. And it showcases fashion's flops and fashion styles.
• Hair. There is ALWAYS something interesting in here about a new way to style your hair, a new color, a new cut. It doesn't matter. If it's in Glamour, you need to try it. But just make sure it's the best style for your face shape.
Real simple. Fine. It's not really a fashion magazine for the body, it is more a fashion magazine for your life and who doesn't need that! If you're unorganized like Iand countless other Americans, this magazine will attempt to help you regain sense of your clutter.
• Recipes. Yes, all magazines have recipes but Real Simple has really good recipes. Try steak with arugula and balsamic mushrooms or even different ways to cook basic chicken.
• New tricks on old treats. Okay okay, so I made the title up, it being close to Halloween and all. But you know what I mean you ever peruse the magazine at all. I think it's called new uses for old things or something like that. Anyway, it's amazing what you can do with an old soap dish or even an old handkerchief.
• Cutting cost. The grocery store is a major place where you can cut cost and Real Simple shows you exactly how and where to do it.
Essence. Even though I am a woman of color, I really do not read this magazine. I don't know why, maybe because I grew up in a white environment and I basically like white guys. I really don't read the all too frequent articles how to score with a black man. But I do like the articles on how to lower your debt. And I really like the down home southern recipes even if I don't cook big meals like that; I can still appreciate can't I?

These are the five magazines I read most although I have been seen reading allure a lot lately. Good shopping tips, steals, and deals.