Big Bear is a great place to get away from the city life and take a deep breath of fresh mountain air. There's lots do in Big Bear besides skiing and snowboarding. There's plenty to do all year round no matter how little or old your kids are. Here's a list of things my family does every time we go up.

Grizzy Manor. If you're looking for a delicious restaurant to start your morning right, then go to where the locals go and eat at The Grizzly Manor for breakfast. This place gets packed early so be prepared.

Bowling Barn. Enjoy a day of bowling with the family here.

Moonridge Zoo. It's a small, intimate zoo, but this is a must for our kids. They love the bears, bison, and wolves.

Discovery Science Center. Why not learn a little about the San Bernadino National Forest? There's also camping information, forest service permits, Adventure passes and group tours offered here.

The Village on Pine Knott Ave. This is Big Bear's "Main Street." Here you'll find shopping, candy shops, movie theater, and restaurants, some of which have been around for many, many years.

Backyard BBQ. You can drive to this restaurant, but of course, there's nothing like renting a boat from the marina (or if you're lucky enough to own a boat), parking it at the dock here, and having lunch at the Backyard BBQ. It's right on the lake and there's a little something here for everyone. Most summers they put up a volleyball net. There's lawn chairs to sit and relax and watch the boats cruise the lake, and there's also a full bar. Kids love to come here and play on the shore. People bring their dogs and throw balls into the lake for their dogs to fetch. It's a fun, but very relaxing atmosphere here.

Big Bear Marina. Rent a boat or pontoon here and spend a day on the lake. A definite must in Big Bear.

Oktoberfest. This is a big deal up here. Grab your stein mug, drink up and have fun at Oktoberfest. There's contests on who can carry the most stein mugs across the room, dancing, singing, and plenty of eating and drinking. Kids are allowed up to a certain time.

4th of July on the lake. This is my personal favorite. There's nothing like being out on a boat on Big Bear Lake and watching the fireworks right above your head in time with the music. The fireworks reflect on the water giving the show an almost surreal feeling. Say hello to your fellow boater beside you, sit back and enjoy the show!