For any home recording studio, AKG k240 Studio headphones provide the best quality for the least amount of money, allowing independent recording engineers hindered by even the most restricted budgets to utilize equipment on a professional level. I have studied recoding engineering for over 2 years and have continued to be impressed by AKG's product selection which varies from high-quality professional equipment used by popular mainstream recording artists to consumer grade mics and headphones. This model has a wide, dynamic audio bandwidth of 15-25.000 Hz, clearly qualifying them for use in professional studios despite their reasonable price. Professional engineers that I have learned under have endorsed AKG headphones and amateur independent recording artists/engineers have also expressed to me their satisfaction when using AKG headphones. These headphones are lightweight with a 10 foot cord and they come with a screw-on stereo adaptor, enhancing their compatibility no matter how advanced or primitive your recording rig is. I have recorded both rock and rap music using the k240 model and found their performance to be extremely well rounded in comparison to other studio headphones. The k240's presentation of heavy bass frequencies is astounding, refusing to distort when my old pair of SONY headphones would've easily been overpowered, making them a practical and sensible choice for hip-hop and R&B recording. Not only do these particular phones stand their ground against the meanest bass lines and drum kicks, they have the potential to present treble tones in breathtaking detail, leaving higher frequencies from, say, vocals, wind instruments or guitars preserved. The earpieces themselves are Gimbal suspended, making them, by definition, about as comfortable to wear as headphones can possibly be. Mingle this with the k240's adjustable headband, which is also extremely flexible, and single ear usage of this product becomes an easy task that involves no ear pinching or discomfort. They are compatible with virtually any type of audio, be it DVD Mp3 or whatever sound you may be working with. The AKG organization is so committed to satisfying every dynamic of the recording industry that they have service locations across the globe that can repair or replace damaged AKG equipment. This company has really raised the bar as far as the audio experience goes since they recommend these phones for not only professional use, but personal as well, suggesting their usage with ipods or CD players. Their size seems a bit cumbersome to qualify as take-on-the-go material, but I empathize with the idea because of the comfort these phones provide along with their supreme quality compared to even the biggest, most known brands.