Adam Tablet device from Notion Ink – The best iPad competitor?

The Adam tablet device from Notion Ink was one of the most awaited tablet devices in 2010, where the developers kept releasing small news which created hype all around and finally before the year end, the smartbook was launched and sold out within a day. The Adam looks great, works great and is indeed an awesome device. Most of the features are mysterious, as the developers claim they have modified the interface in such a way as to make the user experience better.


The design Notion Ink worked well on the design of the tablet, which looks not too bulky and not that light. It has a curvy design on one side and a solid finish on the other, the curvy one having a cylindrical base made for the batteries and which provides a slight high angle for the tablet to sleep slant. The device is made such that the weight is distributed evenly, and the curve is just 3-degree so not much but still it provides a good viewing angle. The cylindrical end body gives you different functions like –


Storage for the batteries (the batteries are replacable, just like any torch light batteries coming out of their cylindrical bodies)


The base for the swivel camera located mid-way, providing a rotational housing for it.


Location for the stereo speakers for the Adam


The durability of the device and the scratch-resistant screen doesn’t show the fingerprints from any angle. And the body frame is made of the Magnesium and Aluminum alloy, making it hard enough and light in weight on the same time. The body is resistant to scratches, and users with rough handling would no longer be sad there.


The display With the screen already talked about, being tough and scratch resistant, the display too is impressive. It comes with the Ambient light sensor, which detects the environment around and sets the display to automated brightness that displays the text beight even under the sunlight. The Adam can be switched on with the backlit-LCD with the vivid colors, when any multimedia experience is needed, like viewing a video in light environment. The screen is 10.1″ WSVGA with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.


The camera The tablet devices usually don’t have much to speak about their cameras, most of them have the VGA ones in the front for video conferencing. But the Adam has a 3.2-megapixel camera with auto-focus and the swivel camera can capture the images keeping the Adam in any angle, as the camera can be rotated round to 185-degree, placed on the cylindrical base of the Adam. It can help with capturing pics, taking videos, video conferencing and anything that a normal camera can do. It doesn’t limit to just a web camera for video chat.


The processor and operating system The interface and operating system is kept at mystery as of now, till the device is in hands. The Notion Ink still speaks about the strong processor, NVidia Dual Core Tegra 250 processor. The Tegra 250 processor has a crunching ability for ultra-responsive apps and it has 8 independent processors which optimize the performance for everything – includes audio, video, multiple apps, and even gaming. All this being optimized, they help in saving the battery and maintaining the battery life high. The Adam also has the support for Adobe flash, and Adobe AIR applications so one can expect the usage of the apps running on Adobe AIR platform.


Connectivity options The Adam tablet has multiple connectivity options, and this doesn’t end to just the wireless ones. To start off, there is a port for HDMI output, through which you can view the 1080p videos on an HD TV. Now for the wireless connectivity, there is 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth and even a slot for SIM-card for the 3G connectivity. There is a GPS locator, that makes the apps locate you and rediscover the local landscape. The device has a support for the MicroSD card, the USB port and the miniUSB connection. The USB ports can be used to connect the keyboard or mouse.


For the International buyers, the Adam is priced at as low as $375 and for the Indian buyers it was at INR 15000 but the device is sold out as of now, and might be fully available for sale soon in the market. One of the best devices to catch hold of!